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The Long Goodbye

th-1“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu” as the Inside Learning podcast bids farewell to listeners everywhere, and nowhere.  For reasons we discuss on the podcast, Matthew and I have decided that this will be the last one;  the archive will remain.  Thank you to fellow presenters, loyal listeners, former guests and friends for being with us on an enjoyable learning  journey.  There will be a new learning venture in the offing soon, to be announced!

To help us celebrate Inside Learning and discuss the news in our time honoured, if lengthy,  fashion we are delighted to be joined by regular co-presenters: Bill Boyd, Jay Helbert, Anne Glennie, and Gillian Campbell-Thow.

Amongst the news items covered are league tables (yuk, yuk), getting children into reading- especially with a hug from Hugless Dougless, brain gym -an item that occasions the throwing of pink wellies, creationism, an unintended and potentially damaging impact of the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme, and  a good report from the Sutton Trust on effective, or great, teaching.

The report is worth downloading, link here

Episode 163: Who you gonna call?

thinsidelearning of course, as we root out some more zombie ideas (although horror fans might not forgive us for mixing up ghosts and zombies, but we can’t take either them or ourselves too seriously).

A couple of quick news items to ‘kick off’ with:  ‘Ofsted warns secondary school progress ‘stalled'” Link here  “Primary 1-3 class sizes in Scotland rise for fourth year in a row” Link here

Although we have taken a stick to some ideas, especially those based in so-called ‘brain-based’ learning, we do want to point out that there could be positive links to be made between neuroscience and pedagogy.  The Wellcome Trust are building some interesting bridges between scientists and teachers that might move the debate on. Here are some links to follow up; survey report: link here Some projects that are being funded: link here  and  blog: link here

We spotted some study skills zombies that should have been spiked by this research: link here


Episode 162: Zombie ideas

zombieVAK up your troubles in your old kitbag… as Matthew and Steve chat through some ideas that really should be dead but still seem to be stalking the pedagogic corridors.  VAK and learning styles is one.  Are there also ideas with potential that are turned into zombies through their misuse?  Bloom’s Taxonomy might be an example.

This study is worth following up:   Learning styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning: a systematic and critical review, by  Frank Coffield, David Moseley, Elaine Hall, Kathryn Ecclestone.  A link to it can be found here.

Please let us know your thoughts about any ideas that are still doing the rounds but should have been finished off.

Anyway, need to find some straw and an old sheet pronto!


Episode 161: Eduporn?

Steve and Matthew are delighted to be joined by the ineffable Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser, as we chew over some recent education news and eve41i3ZBDO5bL._AA160_nts.  We talk about the political mood in Scotland and notice in passing that England’s Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan is promising a less confrontational style than her predecessor:  “Nicky Morgan moves to counter Michael Gove’s ‘toxic’ legacy” Nicholas Watt, Chief Political Correspondent, The Guardian Link here

Steve unashamedly plugs a new book in which he features, published by Bloomsbury, Link here (book available for £15.85 on a certain website with dodgy tax accounting practices -allegedly!).

And so begins a debate on the relationship between higher education and the classroom – a discussion that we will have to return to

Bill talks about a new Mooc that he is participating in and the implications for processes of learning in the future: E-learning and Digital Cultures Link here

Matthew is irked once more by sloppy journalism that while it might have some good content, does us no favours in its black and white presentation of issues, Link here


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