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Episode 124: Much A Do About 19 things

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by Bill Bill Boyd, “Literacy Adviser”, from the A-team, (stream?) who is going to be a regular contributor.¬† Bill’s blog is a must go to site¬† We try very hard tonight not to mention policy or the G word, Bill mentioned it once but he might have […]

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Ep 123: Cultural Restorationism

Steve is a little under the weather tonight having undergone some major surgery involving that seldom casually administered medical tool of a general anaesthetic yesterday. Despite being a little groggy from that, the major brain that is the “Stevester”, operating on only 67.56% of capacity, basically runs rings round Matthew! Matthew is of course philosophical […]

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Socks Appeal

Matthew showing the creativity that is keeping Inside Learning at the forefront of British Educational podcasting. Mic by Rode. Windshield by Asda male hosiery department! He will remember to collect a proper windshield for the next fabulous show… Meanwhile the ‘cast starts with Steve collecting the various stories showing the “apple” of Mr Gove’s educational […]

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Ep 100: The Treasure Within – still digging?

We finally made a three digit episode and decided to revisit our original vision for Inside Learning with the help of some our most frequent guests. We set out to hold the vision of Jacques Delors in the “Treasure Within” against our progress in education to see if it in any way matched that laudable […]

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Ep 99: Drop the Donkey

The last episode of the year sees regular host Steve and irregular host Jay AWOL. No problem however as two sterling substitutes step in to show the old lags how it should be done. New teacher Paul Campbell and primary headteacher Joyce Hawkins are fabulous and thought provoking guests. When Matthew invites them to summarise […]

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