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News: 100th Episode recording

We are excited to confirm that Inside Learning Podcast is recording its 100th episode live with a panel question session in Glasgow at the SQA on the 18th of January at 6.45pm. We would love to see you there. Steve Rogers is even coming from Nottingham for it! If you would like to join us, […]

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Ep 91: Outnumbered

A rather embarrassing record for Inside Learning is established tonight when Matthew is in the male minority. Really girls, we could do with more of your voices on the cast! It really isn’t for lack of me asking you either, you know who you are! Tonight we had a relaxed look at motivition and Matthew […]

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Episode 84 – “Gotta have faith”?!

If Gove marks this work for our “Ow levels” then it will of course be ” Got to have faith”-  or do you?  Can you live and let live? Anne Glennie joins us tonight and sets some wild discussion going, with her defence of faith schools and their efficacy or place in contemporary UK society. […]

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Episode 82: Apres Tigger

Catch up literacy programme for Primary school children discussed: Glow – IT Excellence group set up to review, Matthew is excited by the stellar, innovative line-up in this group.  Some of whom have appeared on this podcast We do a slight Gove detour around O levels and exam boards, enough said. A thumbs […]

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Ep 81: The David Cameron Coup

“Tonight was a different kind of podcast so this is a different blurb! The theme was transformation in education. The guests were Graham Donaldson and Laurie O’Donnell. Go ahead and google them – you don’t need the links. I – the real david cameron – was hosting – try entering Dar forma a la herencia […]

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