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Ring a Ring a Rosen

This week Matthew and Jay are joined by Anne Glennie (Moriarty to Michael Rosen’s Holmes – or should that be vice versa?). In the news: Are texts in primary and secondary schools getting easier?  Is this handicapping university students? Follow the story here.   Two Scottish Education authorities explore employing promoted secondary teachers into primary […]

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This week, we welcome back ‘The Real’ David Cameron.  David and the team discuss the merits of heresy and dangerous ideas – the ones that might actually see wholesale improvements to the ways in which we educate young people.   First, in the news… Steve highlights grade inflation in A-levels.  When is an A not […]

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Ep 67: Your caring, sharing cooperative podcast

Image from: Thanks!   Jay and Matthew are back and make up for lost time chatting to Steve about Cooperative learning and some ‘Wackoidal’ news.   A Private school in Sheffield whose curriculum is based upon the Book of Genesis applies for funding to become a free school.   UK Universities get a funding boost. […]

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Episode 64 – Sweet Sole Music

  Steve, Matthew and Jay are reunited this week to discuss Sugata Mitra’s book ‘Beyond the Hole in the Wall’ in which he discusses the use of Self Organising Learning Environments (SOLES).  Jay has used some of the techniques in school after watching the inspiring TED talk by Professor Mitra and the book is always […]

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Predictably Irrational – It’s all in the Wrist

It’s the end of term and Matthew and Jay are a little bit demob-happy as we look at the week’s news from the world of education, review Dan Ariely’s ‘Predictably irrational’ and discuss our summer ‘must reads’ in this bumper edition of Inside Learning. This is a Free Podcast. Head teachers in England are apparently […]

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