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To Miss…with indifference

If you haven’t heard of Katharine Birbalsingh you are probably not a teacher, or at least not a teacher in England.  She, for those who need reminding, is the new golden girl of the ‘ConDem’ education policy.  She spoke at the Conservative party conference of overcoming the shame of voting Tory and turning her back […]

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Episode 4: Kathleen Johnston, Keills Primary

Kathleen’s class at co-operative learning Kathleen Johnston, Head of Keils Primary on Islay on new approaches to assessment. Kathleen is mixing Rubrics and authentic, engaging interdisciplinary projects to really exciting effect. On tonight’s episode Steve, Jay and Matthew learn about the pilot work that Kathleen is enjoying as part of the growing  National Assessment Resource […]

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Episode 2: Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching

John MacBeath discusses his new book, Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching. The book, co-written with John Bangs and Maurice Galton charts the educational aspirations and disappointments of the New Labour government’s thirteen years in power. Click on the book to check it out on Amazon Inside Learning Episode 2 20 September 2010 Do check out our […]

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