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Duelling Panchos

Fantastic episode tonight with new Guest, the busier-than-though Language teacher, adviser and national guru, Gillian Campbell-Thow. We finally have a return visit from old-guest Jay Helbert and Matthew is just delighted! We keep it tight in time terms and stick to only one story so that we can get in and about Gillian’s work on […]

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Episode 79: Weighing the pig

Tonight we welcome regular contributor Anne Glennie back to the podcast (and Jay Helbert).  The ineluctable modality of phonics checks (tests?) sparks off the literacy debate again.  Is Jay almost convinced by Anne’s arguments? Steve agrees with Anne that there are some much more wackoidal ideas out there that need fighting. Some story links on […]

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Episode 31- Don’t think twice It’s all write!

We are delighted to welcome Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser, on tonight’s programme.  You can follow Bill’s blog at: From a dodgy Bob Dylan reference we moved on to talk about super-injunctions, footballers privacy – It ain’t me Babe- (surely not -ed?) and the possibilities of  twitter as a learning network or otherwise, and decided […]

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