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Episode 125: Canon, and on, and on, and on….

 As promised, we get stuck into Alfie Kohn’s list of points to make schools “our children deserve”.   Inevitably, we are thoroughly ill- disciplined about it and enjoy ourselves too much, which means the programme is a long one.  Stick with it, from out of the mash condense little droplets of fine drinking, or something like […]

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Episode 117 A Few Good Podcasts

Tonight we join Radio Edutalk for a live programme.  A fascinating conversation about education podcasting and what Edutalk and insidelearning are trying to do.  The programme went out live on Edutalk, we recorded it for our podcast. John’s blog: “World Wide Wall Display” here

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Episode 84: “Gotta have faith?” ?!

If Gove corrects our work for his new “Ow levels” it should of course read “Got to have faith” – or do you?  Can we live and let live? Anne Glennie sets a wild discussion going with her defence of faith schools.  We only scratched the surface of this complex issue so would like to […]

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This week, we welcome back ‘The Real’ David Cameron.  David and the team discuss the merits of heresy and dangerous ideas – the ones that might actually see wholesale improvements to the ways in which we educate young people.   First, in the news… Steve highlights grade inflation in A-levels.  When is an A not […]

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Episode 33- Changing Schools Part 1

Matthew wakes up to the fact that the football season finished for Jay and I some months ago and we get on to a couple of policy items before discussing the issues of schools and their place as institutions for future learners. Gove plans to scrap contextual value added in league tables, TES story: […]

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