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Remember Inspections?

Is this a question we will ever be able to ask?  Professor Brian Boyd asks why we need inspections and points to a lack of research evidence for their efficacy. Also, in the news… The Melrose school whose parents are trying to pay for a teacher. Are we inherently good or bad at subjects […]

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EPISODE 22- Academia (no it’s not a nut) on academies; Professor Helen Gunter joins us to discuss the academies programme

Some sad news as Matthew tells us about the death of educator Ian Smith. Followed by a discussion on the Curriculum for Excellence (well what else could you call it?) and the pressures on curricula content and design north and south of the border.  Stimulated by article in TESS by Elizabeth Buie Academia (no […]

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Episode 6: Graham Leicester and the IFF

In tonight’s episode, Jay and Matthew chat with Graham Leicester, director of the International Futures Forum (IFF). Graham is the man responsible for getting school inspectors to focus on futures thinking and visioning instead of the good practice of the recent past and present! The IFF help people and organisations to solve real world learning […]

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