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Where can I find a map of the cat?

      This week I am thoroughly enjoying ‘Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman”. an autobiography of physicist and extraordinary human being Richard Feynmnan. Many of his reminiscences of his formative years shed light on his learning style as well as challenging some assumptions educators made (and make) about how people learn and what should […]

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Question Everything

Over the past year or so I have read books by a range of authors which challenge the reader to question the efficacy of our education systems.*  We have talked at length on the podcast about a diverse range of authors such as Malcolm Gladwell (journalist), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (psychologist and sociologist), John Dewey (Philosopher), Dan […]

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What’s the Point?

Over a century ago John Dewey wrote his Pedagogical Creed.  In it he spoke of a need to educate for the good of individual students and for the good of society.  He talked of the fulfilment one gets from being a valuable citizen (I suppose this means both altruism and material rewards).  He espouses creating […]

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Do we need networks in schools?

This is an increasingly interesting question as the internet becomes more and more important in all of our lives. What do we mean by networks however? Essentially I think the question is about the layers of networks that we have connecting all of our computers and information. The top level network is the entire internet […]

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