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To Miss…with indifference

If you haven’t heard of Katharine Birbalsingh you are probably not a teacher, or at least not a teacher in England.  She, for those who need reminding, is the new golden girl of the ‘ConDem’ education policy.  She spoke at the Conservative party conference of overcoming the shame of voting Tory and turning her back […]

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Business running education?

Note: This is an old post of Matthew’s previous to the podcast restarting. It was referred to in episode 13 so we thought reposting would be convenient for listeners. More heat than light: Published on: Oct 14, 2009 @ 23:46 Photo by London Evening Standard I despair of a real learning conversation about the future of […]

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The Assessment Question

Earlier this year Scottish Government produced ‘Building the Curriculum’ 4 and 5 – the final 2 pieces of the jigsaw of Curriculum for Excellence.  These deal with skills development and assessment.  Their message (once translated) is one which I wholeheartedly agree with.  Build skills in context, build higher order skills, build skills around the curriculum, […]

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Are we running a factory or what?

Photo by CCarlstead, Flickr I have been thinking about our exam systems in the UK since John Lloyd hinted that the system was a bit inflexible in his guest spot on our citizenship programme last week. Reading John Dewey’s “creed” for tomorrow’s programme recording has added to my feelings of discomfort about what we are […]

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Resilience and Confidence in Learning

This week, I was fortunate to attend the Tapestry Partnership’s masterclass on resilience and confidence in learning.  In this fascinating and engaging class, Professor Brian Boyd highlighted ten principles for establishing a learning classroom.  Creating a learning classroom helps young people develop skills and strategies for learning in new contexts and promotes deep learning as […]

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