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To Kill a Metaphor

In this week’s pod cast with Graham Leicester of the IFF we discussed, amongst other things the paradox of improving schools and curricula in the ‘third horizon’ in a time of financial cuts and restraints.  One of the solutions discussed was that training might start to happen more in establishments.  I jokingly pushed an old […]

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Boiling a Frog

 On our recent podcast, “Inside Learning”, with Professor John MacBeath, he said that he thought that the middle layer of local authority support in Scottish Education was a strength of the system. He specifically contrasted this with the English system where the middle layer was vanishing or non-existent. John linked the huge disparity between […]

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How is the internet shaping the ways in which we learn?

By Jay Helbert A few weeks ago I came across an interview in New Scientist with author of ‘The Shallows – What the Internet is Doing to our Brains’, Nicholas Carr.  In this interview (, Mr Carr lays down some of the key ideas from his book including the idea that the way information is […]

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