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Metaphorical Cathedrals

“Longpath” for Learning part 1 This article was partly inspired by reading the following article on Wired Magazine by Ari Wallach: Photo from Wikimedia at This is what education should be focusing on now. In a recent Inside Learning episode/show, I realised that political oscillations and playing idealogical football with education would not […]

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Purpose Ed

The purpose of education is an endlessly fascinating and deeply puzzling question. I know it has exercised many minds recently on twitter, and indeed Jay wrote a piece on it on our Inside Learning blog. I have recently inclined towards the view that the purpose of education is economic. Education has to help you to […]

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Social Networking part 3: The Connected Worker

Image from: A recent thinking event,  #Edupic11 for educators and those with an interest in it, reached a few early conclusions about the future of education; among these was the widely held view that educators were not sufficiently trusted. Building trust as a way of unleashing more potential and capability in the system was […]

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Social Networking part 2: Social Networks and Complexity

Image from: It has been said that it is getting too complex to manage large organisations. While that is clearly a dramatisation, there is strong evidence to say that it is also clearly true. In their 2010 study of global CEO’s, IBM conducted more than1500 face-to-face interviews with CEO’s, some 20% of whom were in […]

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Social Networking part 1: Disruption and the 5th Estate

Image by John Roberts A few ideas came together for me today after reading the always challenging “Wired” magazine.  A column by William Dutton (Wired UK Nov 11) pointed out that the fourth estate of the press that kept us informed and held the first three estates of clergy, nobility and commons to account and […]

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