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Episode 103: Two things strike me…

Unfortunately Jay could not be with us tonight, which means Matthew and Steve get to ramble a bit more and start to imagine how we might reconfigure education for a more equitable system.  Probably beyond our capacity to think clearly but you have got to start somewhere.  Matthew, in the de Bono tradition, lobs Steve […]

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This week, we welcome back ‘The Real’ David Cameron.  David and the team discuss the merits of heresy and dangerous ideas – the ones that might actually see wholesale improvements to the ways in which we educate young people.   First, in the news… Steve highlights grade inflation in A-levels.  When is an A not […]

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The Road to Utopia

A good friend of mine is the headteacher of a very innovative and successful primary school.  Recently he was asked by some local councillors to demonstrate how his school was attaining.  It got me thinking about how complex this question actually is.   John was eleven in 2004.  He spent his days in class learning […]

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