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Episode 121: Gene, genius

He screams and he bawls Gene, genius let yourself go ooh, Gove, go,go, go – Apologies to David Bowie (a hero), as policy issues light our fires this week       We had a little digression through the world of pricy and obscure academic publishing but here’s an interesting blog on the open access […]

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This week, we welcome back ‘The Real’ David Cameron.  David and the team discuss the merits of heresy and dangerous ideas – the ones that might actually see wholesale improvements to the ways in which we educate young people.   First, in the news… Steve highlights grade inflation in A-levels.  When is an A not […]

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In Episode 25 of the Insidelearning podcast I suggested that we focus on the issues of student voice.. Unfortunately, some digital gremlins meant that my skype connection dropped off and the boys carried on without me, doing their usual sterling work – ill-disciplined ranting or cutting edge broadcasting?  Who knows, but I promised to blog […]

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WELLBEING (WELL-BEING?)  RESILIENCE AND CAPABILITY In Episode 28, Jay and I talked about wellbeing and I promised to blog with some research references.  So here you go- this is especially for all those North of the Border who doubted my blogging prowess! (I’ll test them on it later so that they can challenge their new […]

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