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Episode 137: It Should Have been messier!

Tonight Bill and Steve steer the podcast through the slalom of bad punning, into a couple of news items before discussing some of the issues raised by the Real David Cameron (Podcast tart) in last week’s episode: namely, the challenges of assessment in relation to Curriculum for Excellence. This is not simply a Scottish story, […]

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EP 134: The Sunlit Uplands

Tonight Matthew welcomes back Jay Helbert (@learningjay), a podcast stalwart making an all-too-rare appearance, and we are joined by Bill ‘The Literacy Adviser’ Boyd (@literacyadviser) to look at what’s fresh on the educational news front. First up though, Jay has been reviewing the latest project from educational guru Sugata Mitra (@Sugatam).  Mitra is the instigator […]

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129: Nel Noddings and the Right Direction

Tonight we are joined by Louisa Hussey, acting Head of School of a Nottinghamshire primary school. Louisa is a passionate and committed teacher with a lot of insight and makes a wonderful guest.  Although the technology did its best to ruin the conversation, we have hopefully pieced together a really interesting programme. We start with […]

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Duelling Panchos

Fantastic episode tonight with new Guest, the busier-than-though Language teacher, adviser and national guru, Gillian Campbell-Thow. We finally have a return visit from old-guest Jay Helbert and Matthew is just delighted! We keep it tight in time terms and stick to only one story so that we can get in and about Gillian’s work on […]

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