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Episode 113: Only fonicking!

Tonight we are joined in conversation by Louisa Hussey, Acting headteacher of Cropwell Bishop Primary School in Nottinghamshire, England.  Louisa  is a brilliant teacher and passionate about her job, as you can tell from the conversation we have about recent developments in English primary schools.  Phonics teaching features and Matthew reminds us about the old […]

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Episode 112: “superiors inspect inferiors”

Sir Ken Robinson doing one of his engaging TED talks.  Ken Robinson, TED talk: How to Escape Education’s Death Valley       Unfortunately Fearghal is unwell tonight so Matthew and Steve talk through some news stories.  Matthew lays short odds on Steve doing Gove stories, he is not disappointed, and introduces a timer to […]

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Episode 109: We’re not going on a summer holiday

Unfortunately we were not joined by our scheduled guest tonight so we dove into a spontaneous news programme full of the wisdom and  profound insight that you have come to expect from insidelearning. First up is Mr G’s speech about needing longer school hours and shorter holidays; Gove urges longer days and shorter holidays for […]

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Episode 108: “Beware of the Blob”

Tonight Matthew and Steve discuss the poor state of educational debate in the UK and how teachers are not best served by snapshot inspections and the terrors of audit regimes conducted by senior leadership teams under pressure to ‘perform’.  Whilst we acknowledge that accountability and striving for the best we can be are essential, how […]

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Ep 107: The Glennie Blacklist

Dear friend of the ‘cast Anne Glennie joins Matthew to chew over this weeks news including the “by diverse means” report, more confirmation of summer-born babies bias, some tech nervousness in NEET youngsters and some lower than expected reading levels in Secondary learners!     The title will be a blow for the generally popular […]

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