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Ep 150: A parcel of loveliness

                      Anne Glennie and Gillian Campbell-Thow bring in the big-round-number of episode 150 for us. Inside Learning is very much the richer for the greater proportion of time we have had from our female colleagues, it is worth remembering that Anne Glennie was the first […]

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Ep 149: #Lingomammy

World cup vigil edition number two sees the “sparky” Gillian Campbell-Thow, Scottish Teacher of the Year Join Matthew again to talk about the poverty gap in education and to turn it around to a potential “poverty of aspiration” gap!           The first story is all about a report on Scottish spending […]

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Ep 148: Live or die by the STACS sword

Tonight is the opening game of the (Soccer) World Cup. Steve was therefore unable to commit and prioritise appropriately! (The Tour de France would have been understandable)! At short notice, friend of Inside Learning, Gillian Campbell-Thow stepped in to fill Steve’s size 13’s. Thank you for that Gillian. The “Billster” (@literacy adviser) is jetsetting in […]

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Episode 138 Here Come the Girls!

Tonight sees a special edition of the podcast as Anne Glennie hosts a Ladies Night on Inside Learning. Joined by Manjit Shellis, Director of Learning at UFA and Gillian Campbell-Thow, Language Teacher, Adviser and Guru, the ladies talk about everything from the current problems with the new exams in Scotland to the issues surrounding summer […]

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Episode 120: An agenda of the superlatives

Well we are back after our longest summer break ever! Matthew has started a new job in a new area of Scotland and as a result has been separated from his beloved bandwidth due to temporary midweek digs. Matthew is now using a wireless broadband card and tonight was our first experiment with it. The […]

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