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David Cameron (without his usual disguise)

This week, we welcome back ‘The Real’ David Cameron.  David and the team discuss the merits of heresy and dangerous ideas – the ones that might actually see wholesale improvements to the ways in which we educate young people.


First, in the news…

Steve highlights grade inflation in A-levels.  When is an A not satisfactory?   Check out the story in the Guardian.

Why is there a shortage of woman in some areas of academia? Are there still ‘boys clubs’ where women need not apply?  Matthew looks at a warning from the Royal Society of Edinburgh via this BBC link.

The Annual Conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers wraps up with ATL’s head, Dr Mary Bousted warning of toxic segregation by class and a section of pampered youths who are waited on hand and foot by parents.

Link to BBC articles on class segregation or little Budhas.

The book Steve referred to in this episode is –

Fielding, M., and Moss, P. (2011) Radical Education and the Common School: A Democratic Alternative (Abingdon, Routledge)

Links to the Dangerous ideals festival and Creative Portal will follow shortly.  In the meantime, we can heartily recommend that you follow David Cameron on Twitter, he is @realdcameron for those of you who tweet.



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