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Out! Bowled by a Googley

On this week’s podcast…

Google apps for education is still free to use in Scottish Schools

Google pulls out of tender process for GLOW Futures. Matthew wonders why and gets a swift response from @Feorlean aka Michael Russell.

Check out Jaye Richards-Hill’s (@JayeRHill) blog here.

For more information, help and tips for Google apps, you could do mightily worse than follow @ianaddison or check out his blog.

Jay’s keen on Big History, a project that should come with a big red sticker carrying the legend “You are Here.” and another declaring “You are Heading Here.” Check out The Big History Project here.

Where is the wisdom?  Is there a place for teaching this in schools and universities?  Jay is prompted to ask after reading a Guardian Blog by Macquarie University’s Vice Chancellor. The Guardian blog is here.

Pension disquiet continues as Scottish secondary school teachers vote to work to contract. The story from the BBC is here.

Jay’s Twitter recommendation for the week is @ICTmagic aka Martin Burrett.  Check out his fantastic education and ICT resources wiki here.

…and Jay’s favourite resource of the week comes from the aforementioned ICTmagic.  Lots of useful charts.



Have Catholic Education Service broken impartiality rules by encouraging members to sign an anti gay marriage petition. Gove will find out!


Girls still not loving PE according to Woman’s Sport and Fitness Foundation. The BBC story is here.


Matthew and Jay are excited about this project – The Independent Project – which is inspiring some of our thinking at the moment.


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