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Ep 73 “Fruitier than a grape”

Steve is safely in “Steve Towers” but the telecomms people haven’t got enough cable to wire up the new ancestral pile. Jay is unavailable and so special guest and heroine , Anne Paterson steps in to talk news and early-years education with Matthew.

Anne was a regular guest in the previous incarnation of Inside Learning with Steve and Matthew and is extremely welcome back. Anne was Scottish Headteacher of the year a few years ago and only last year had the honour of being invited onto the Scottish Government taskforce on raising standards in education.

Tonight’s stories started with Inside Learning’s predictions about OFSTED’s new big-cheese coming true with ┬áruffled feathers at the NAHT conference this week.

Anne was alarmed by the early dieting trend in children written about by Joanna Moorhead in the Guardian

Matthew continued his obsession with balance in the internet dangers debate and apparently started a new one with a story yet-again from the NAHT conference.

And finally, Anne segued beautifully into the early-years discussion by picking up on a Scottish debate over the balance of teachers and early years workers in Scottish education:


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