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Episode 114: Neurosceptic

Unfortunately, Alison could not join us tonight, held up by work, so we riff through some topics that catch our eye.  The conversation is dominated by the theme of neuromyths and our forlorn hope that learning styles might have been the route to some pedagogical nirvana.  A journey we undertook in good faith, but there’s only so much bad science a teacher can swallow and remain sane.  The story began with the BBC programme “All In the Mind” that opens with an item about how teachers, through the best of intentions, are purveying a number of neuro mythologies.  The programme is still available:

Also mentioned is Frank Coffield et al (2004) literature review on learning styles: here

New curriculum workload story in Scotland as reported by the BBC.  Raises question about how innovation and workload and the poverty of our imagination.

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