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Episode 137: It Should Have been messier!

thTonight Bill and Steve steer the podcast through the slalom of bad punning, into a couple of news items before discussing some of the issues raised by the Real David Cameron (Podcast tart) in last week’s episode: namely, the challenges of assessment in relation to Curriculum for Excellence.

This is not simply a Scottish story, since the narrative raises huge issues about how education systems align their practices through curricula, pedagogy and assessment.  It is an ongoing story, one that has important lessons for all interested in education reform.  Bill argues that the dialogue and interest generated by the curriculum is a very positive aspect, but that the longer term bedding in might have been eased by tacking the difficult issues at the start – it should have been messier earlier!  As Peter Senge (5th discipline) used to say, the easiest way out can lead straight back in to the old problems.

Bill points us to Mark Priestley’s excellent blog on this subject, link here, where the issues are discussed in some depth. Mark is a Professor of Education at the University of Sterling.

News item links:

“’Fear is good’ says head of independent school” Richard Garner in the Independent

“We don’t vote because we feel ignored, say students” Guardian Education

“EIS calls for bureaucracy cut ahead of new Nationals exams”  BBC

Anne Paterson - February 23, 2014 - 4:46 pm

Fantastic podcast on CfE. Absolutely true to my own views and philosophy. Wondered if I was becoming a lost voice but so glad I am not. Enough to give me renewed energy to get thinking about the real meaning of the 4 capacities and not these Es and Os which seem to dominate teachers planning.

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