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Episode 138 Here Come the Girls!

65991837_c63b3c6d94_nTonight sees a special edition of the podcast as Anne Glennie hosts a Ladies Night on Inside Learning. Joined by Manjit Shellis, Director of Learning at UFA and Gillian Campbell-Thow, Language Teacher, Adviser and Guru, the ladies talk about everything from the current problems with the new exams in Scotland to the issues surrounding summer born babies and their progress at school to how secondary schools should be allocated.

Anne also raises the issue of gender balance in education, asking if women could do more to ensure their voices are heard.

But perhaps the best summary comes from one of Gillian’s tweets: “mammies, manolos and methodology” ; which we hope you’ll agree makes for an interesting conversation.

News links:

Gillian Campbell-Thow’s chosen story about CfE implementation support in Scotland at present

Anne’s quote about “women leaning in” comes from this book by¬†Sheryl Sandberg

Manjit’s story about the use of “lotteries” to allocate school places in England

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