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Episode 139: You Hansard Devil !

th-2Spot the insidelearning dinghy! Last week’s excellent podcast gave us cause for some self-reflection, before we start tonight’s conversation ‘riffing’ on the theme of  good teachers coming into the system, and their career trajectories and the support required.  Matthew gets the chance to roll his tongue around the name of the OECD chief, but is then shocked to find he is podcasting with one of the few people who actually reads the transcripts of the House of Commons  Education Select Committees. Yes I know, I should get out more often.  (Try this link !)  Further shocks are in store when Sarah Vine and her hubby are applauded.

We talk also about the notion of autonomy in the system and schools’ capacities to change and improve.

Links to items:

TES Blog story: Teacher pay rises of £1,000 have ‘zero impact’ on pupil achievement.

“Academies ‘promising trend’ says OECD” By Sean Coughlan

“Sarah Vine praises ‘miracle’ of state education in Daily Mail column” Richard Adams,  Guardian Education Editor

“US universities top reputation league table” By Angela Harrison

“Science – Why teachers need to have a little faith in evolution” TES report

Dan Ariely:

Private Eye issue 1359, 7th – 20th Feb issue, story page 28 on where the phonic money went!! “PHONIC-A-FRIEND”

Steve’s currently reading: “Hanging in with kids in tough times: engagement in contexts of educational disadvantage in the relational school”  John Smyth, Barry Down, Peter McInerney

Matthew is listening to: Freakonomics.  The Hidden Side of Everything

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