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EduCoverThumb6-212x300Tonight Steve loses the insidelearning jingle and plays you in with something celestial.  Bill and Steve focus on a new report written by Professor Brian Boyd on behalf of the Jimmy Reid foundation. While the focus is on Scottish education and its future direction, the report and ensuing conversations have universal import and significance for the organisation of education systems and curricula development.The report can be found here

In the news:  As Chinese maths teachers are on the way over, it’s interesting how a piece of Pisa gets eaten in Shanghai! Are the poor of Shanghai not being served for consideration? Surely not a cynical explanation to be made? links to stories

“Shanghai teachers flown in for maths” By Sean Coughlan and TES “More than a quarter of Shanghai pupils missed by international Pisa rankings”

Where’s your gritometer when you need one? Bedford Academy prize grit as well as exams, story in the Independent “The 3 Rs – ready, respectful and resilient: A school has put pupils’ character formation before exam results”


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