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Episode 141: The Geography of French

We were very sad to hear about the death of Bev Evans, educationalist, artist and campaigner for special education, from South Wales, who guested on a few of our podcasts. A wonderful person who will be sorely missed.  Our condolences to family and friends.

Matthew and Steve pick up some themes from last week sparked off by the soul-searching into the progress ofthCurriculum for Excellence and draw some comparisons with the situation in England.  We talk, with some difficulty, about complex issues around class, culture and schooling and the increased marketisation and potential privatisation of schools in England.  A new TUC Report makes interesting, if depressing reading about the trends and the amount of money going into private hands.  Croneyism in who gets what contracts seems to feature.  A government transfer of funds at huge cost to the taxpayers with little perceived difference in standards and an undermining of local democracy.

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TUC Education Not For Sale

“After the dust settles…” Larry Flanagan

Teachers: life inside the exam factory John Harris Guardian with reply from Elisabeth Truss MP  (scroll to bottom of story)

“Can Catholic values create better schools?” TESS story and Religious education ‘helps communities get along’

DfE bars 14 academy chains from taking on more schools By Graeme Paton, Daily Telegraph Education Editor

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