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Ep 150: A parcel of loveliness


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Anne Glennie and Gillian Campbell-Thow bring in the big-round-number of episode 150 for us. Inside Learning is very much the richer for the greater proportion of time we have had from our female colleagues, it is worth remembering that Anne Glennie was the first regular guest to challenge us about the testosterone preponderance on Inside Learning; it is great that she is putting her microphone where her mouth is…..oops!

Anne and Gillian unfortunately let out their violent side as they form the pink-baseball-batted paramilitary wing of Inside Learning in defense of a more engaging education for young people with “little parcels of loveliness” to open and close lessons instead of the worrying call to progressive package use in classrooms. Free range and wholemeal education would be safe in these ladies’ hands!

A call for traditional text-books brings a passion for the best of the Curriculum for Excellence out in the girls with a real fear for teachers losing the creativity of real teaching and becoming “monkeys delivering the curriculum”! 

Breaking the poverty link to university education is a particular passion of Gillian’s and this story really resonated with her.

Is it possible that politics would ever influence the political presentation of educational data? Surely not! Gillian spots a very worrying story!

Of course, in amongst the professional passion about us wanting to be self-critical for our own self-improvement there is always some room for something more celebratory about the achievements of the Scottish system on tonight’s all-tartan podcast.

Thanks so much to @Anne Glennie and @SenoraCT for making Inside Learning a better corner of the interwebs!

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