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Episode 151: Creak a bit for me ….

4446328_1_lSteve returns tonight given it’s  World Cup rest day, but especially as he was missing the cast and wanted to sign off for the summer break in the company of Matthew and ‘regular’ presenter of late, Gillian Campbell-Thow.  Anne and Gillian produced a really good ‘vibe’ on last week’s show, so hopefully we can maintain the standards they set as we discuss various news items and recommend some holiday reading (not an ‘education’ book amongst them).  This podcast carries a rant warning, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously despite sounding as if we do!  Anyway, life goes all pink on us.

Pasi Sahlberg on the GERM infecting education systems.  Links to live presentations here and here and website here

“The rewards of a great personality”, Falkirk schools introduce psychometric testing for pupils in the TESS.

Reimagine society and the life lessons school should teach you.  Matthew shows how hip he is by knowing who Lauren Laverne is, Steve is still none the wiser.

Bill Gates: Eradicating polio easier than fixing U.S. education system.

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