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Episode 152: Highlighting the need for cheese on toast

thMatthew and I are delighted to be back podcasting after the summer break; although we will now be going Goveless, the Goves are off as we ruminate on recent events in England, such as his impact and events surrounding the so-called Trojan Horse affair.

The conversation resonates with a Scottish story about the exam system and teacher workloads:  “Exam bosses urged to reduce tests in schools” Herald Story

We talk about the pros and cons of Moocs and where all this might lead.  “Moocs, and the man leading the UK’s charge”, Peter Wilby, here

An old, but relevant, story: “Online students can’t help being sociable”, By Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent, here

Matthew invokes the old cheese and toast memories as he highlights the uselessness of highlighters: “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology” Links to article here,  additional info here, and something about advanced organisers, here

A quick thought about teacher wellbeing: “Teacher wellbeing: how to mentally prepare for a new school year”:  The stress of school life might seem like a distant memory but with a new term approaching psychologist Gail Kinman offers her advice on how to prepare for the melee” Guardian story

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