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Episode 163: Who you gonna call?

thinsidelearning of course, as we root out some more zombie ideas (although horror fans might not forgive us for mixing up ghosts and zombies, but we can’t take either them or ourselves too seriously).

A couple of quick news items to ‘kick off’ with:  ‘Ofsted warns secondary school progress ‘stalled'” Link here  “Primary 1-3 class sizes in Scotland rise for fourth year in a row” Link here

Although we have taken a stick to some ideas, especially those based in so-called ‘brain-based’ learning, we do want to point out that there could be positive links to be made between neuroscience and pedagogy.  The Wellcome Trust are building some interesting bridges between scientists and teachers that might move the debate on. Here are some links to follow up; survey report: link here Some projects that are being funded: link here  and  blog: link here

We spotted some study skills zombies that should have been spiked by this research: link here


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