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Episode 25 – Touching the Void

This week we do a slightly longer, self indulgent episode on our passion for student voice. We lose Steve to broken sound early in the episode and we lose all discipline as a result!

We realised that Steve had sound coming and going, and so just like Joe Simpson’s partner in “Touching the Void”, who cut the rope attaching him to the fallen Simpson, hanging in a crevasse, almost ending his life, we cut the connection to Steve. One day he’ll write a famous novel about it.

Discipline went to pot among the troops, (Jay and Matthew), and the result is our longest episode yet. Anyway, as it is a holiday for the podcast next week, you can think of it as a bonus length holiday special.

We lost Steve’s news choice in the blur of his flailing arms as he plummeted into the digital abyss, but before that:

Jay proved that he is middle class by not only finding but being surprised and annoyed at a Guardian article indicating that the Cameron Big Society may be promoting itself on the back of suspect and biased research.

Matthew continued his worrying bias towards recent technology stories by spotting the NASUWT’s concerns over “big brother” powers to check the contents of learners mobile phones. The boys find themselves astonished that Lord Snooty and his pals in government could even consider this in the education bill.

Matthew also plugged Little Brother by Cory Doctorow:

Steve promises to blog from beyond the abyss, so watch this space podpickers. We’re back on the 20th of April to review “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

The episode continued with Matthew and Jay discussing student voice.

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