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Episode 30 -The Coltan Dilemma

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Journalist Johan Hari challenges us to think more ethically about our consumerism, as millions die in the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring us coltan, an ingredient of all those mobile gadgets we have come to love.  We chew over the dilemmas presented by the programme on BBC Radio “Four Thought”.   Surely a case for better international regulation, some thoughtful consumerism and more, not less, citizenship education. Link:

The Government respond to Professor Alison Wolf’s  Report on the future of 14 -19 Education.  In Matthew’s words, Gove thinks the report is tickety-boo to go; we think there could be some far reaching implications, some interesting, some probably not so positive

School’s make up only 10% of the learning landscape by 2020 as technology makes them redundant?  Not a good idea to deschool, argues Professor Keri Facer who has written a fair amount on ICT herself; we need democratic, public institutions to build those vital face-face relationships

Last Sunday was international day against homophobia and transphobia; we reflect on how sad it is we still cannot talk widely about these issues and the overt and underlying currents of homophobia in schools.

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