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Predictably Irrational – It’s all in the Wrist

It’s the end of term and Matthew and Jay are a little bit demob-happy as we look at the week’s news from the world of education, review Dan Ariely’s ‘Predictably irrational’ and discuss our summer ‘must reads’ in this bumper edition of Inside Learning. This is a Free Podcast.

Head teachers in England are apparently dismayed at the quality of marking in this years Y6 Writing SATs. This adds the question of reliability to the one of validity of these assessments.

Indiana is the latest US state not to require children to learn cursive handwriting. Is this a step forward?

OK boys and girls, ahem I mean children if your sitting comfortably, this is the story of two giraffes…A pre-school in Sweden has been set up which aims to be gender neutral – we aim to come back to this one over next year to see how it goes.

5 schools seem to hold the monopoly on Oxbridge entrants, why might this be, and is it fair?

Our much anticipated review of ‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely occurs. Do check out his TED talks and his website. Great blog and the book is a super read for anyone interested in why we do what we do.

Matthew and Jay go all Mariella Frostrup and discuss our summer reading list. Some great fiction and non-fiction titles in the offing here. Have a great summer, we will return like an intellectual phoenix in mid August. Thanks for listening

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