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Episode 60 Twenty thousand leagues under the GCSE

Tonight we have a discussion/dialogue/think or just a rant about the distorting effects of league tables and the need for some more innovation in the system rather than just asking creative teachers to work harder.  Its starts off with a story about achievement:  Hannah Richardson and Katherine Sellgren  BBC story “struggling pupils don’t catch up, data shows”:

Gove shakes up vocational qualifications that count to league tables following Professor Alison Wolf’s report.  Stories available:

Should education providers be allowed to make profits?

In the context of innovation-  TESS 27th January editorial “Time to hone the skills for life and work”

Matthew slumbered through last week’s episode and repeated the Gordon Brown story, but it is an interesting one, about global fund for education:

We missed Jay’s dulcet tones tonight for most of the programme – he looks much younger than he sounds by the way – as internet gremlins, obviously jealous of his youthful appeal, cut the connection.  But he’ll be back next week along with Anne Glennie we hope.

Gerry Geoghegan - February 28, 2012 - 5:28 pm

Besides the ill informed attack on my Irish identity generally and the bizarre assertion of what may be be considered as a haggis, this was a thought provoking, intelligent and interesting discussion about education. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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