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Episode 119: Which Authority Matthew?

Matthew begins in fine style with a senior moment when he momentarily forgets which authority our esteemed guest is a Director in. We are delighted to be joined by Margo Williamson,”Strategic Director of People” for Angus who  shares her wisdom about leadership in general.  A delightful conversation that could have gone on longer.

A couple of news items that are linked through the theme of rethinking structures and systems: plans to let schools decide holiday and term dates in England, various links to the story:

Also discussed: should schools start lessons for some pupils at 10 am?


Episode 118: “I for one welcome our new leaders”

A really stimulating and highly enjoyable conversation tonight as Matthew and Steve are joined by the enormous collective wisdom of our guests: Literacy Adviser, Bill Boyd, The Real David Cameron, and Laurie O’Donnell.  Amongst the wide ranging big picture conversation on current education policy and learning, we get to discuss the report: “By Diverse Means” link here

Bill’s blog is really worth following up; item on New York Times look at Scottish Education: link here

Some of the other item links can be found at:


Episode 117 A Few Good Podcasts

Tonight we join Radio Edutalk for a live programme.  A fascinating conversation about education podcasting and what Edutalk and insidelearning are trying to do.  The programme went out live on Edutalk, we recorded it for our podcast.

John’s blog: “World Wide Wall Display” here

Episode 116: Driller killer

The hosts of insidelearning decide they are not good with calendars and mess up again with dates -our fault.  Edutalk live is next week! Never mind, a stimulating conversation ensues about this week’s news items.

Schools Direct -changes to teacher education.  Links here and here and here.  Plus link to Scotland’s review of teacher education here

Of course the big news is the GCSE reforms: “Michael Gove unveils GCSE reforms” Richard Adams in the Guardian, BBC story: GCSEs: “Gove pledges ‘challenging’ exam changes’ by Sean Coughlan

David Wolfe’s “Can of Worms” blog

“Bring back polytechnics, argues higher education report” By Judith Burns

Emily Duggan in The Independent: “Wave goodbye to another parenting myth: Children whose mothers go out to work do not suffer academically”

Twit Triangulation netcast with Howard Rheingold


Episode 115 Let’s dance!

Sweden’s top free schools provider to close, in blow to Education Secretary Michael Gove”  Lewis Smith writing in the Independent: here

“Phonics test ‘accurate but unnecessary” By Katherine Sellgren

I-levels replace GCSEs: Gove’s great reform or another bemusing move? Warwick Mansell article and Richards Adams article 

Libraries – the end of books as we know it? Paperless public libraries switch to digital By Bill Hicks

Up for a laugh, a head true to his word, Penketh High School Head Teacher Does Psy’s Gangnam Style Dance Video: here


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