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Ep 99: Drop the Donkey

The last episode of the year sees regular host Steve and irregular host Jay AWOL. No problem however as two sterling substitutes step in to show the old lags how it should be done. New teacher Paul Campbell and primary headteacher Joyce Hawkins are fabulous and thought provoking guests. When Matthew invites them to summarise the year gone past and the years to come in UK education, they show themselves to be adept with the tea-leaves too.

Paul kicked off with the challenge to the profession in Scotland set by Bill Maxwell in the TESS. Not often British Cycling get a mention on Inside Learning:

Joyce moves os on to a new sighting of our old friend, the lesser-spotted-trained-teachers-in-nurseries story; this one from Glasgow.

Matthew finds multiple problems and a few interesting challenges in a new MP’s report suggesting a British history refresh:

Paul is a founder member of the CPD Strathclyde initiative:

Paul delights Matthew by calling this a “show”; how good is that?

Joyce puts the “show” in its proper mode of pre-Christmas sweetness:

Joyce spoke about PBL. Read about it here:

And finally Pedagoo got big props as our US cousins say. Sign up and share here:

Have a great midwinter break and thanks for supporting us with your ears!

Picture from the BBC article linked to above.

Episode 98 “You ain’t nothing but a watchdog!”

We can’t help ourselves tonight as the policy environment in England gets us hot under the collar and some ranting is inevitable.  Our New Year’s pledge is to find some more inspiring stories of learning and pedagogy.  So come on listeners, pitch in and help us out as we think there may be close to 2,500 of you now.


Teachers’ pay rises pegged to performance

“Michael Gove warned by exams watchdog to rethink EBacc” Peter Walker writes in the Guardian

Numbers of teachers who quit ‘up by a fifth in a year’ By Judith Burns

George Osborne pledges extra £600m for science to stimulate growth

“Change Leader: Learning to Do What Matters Most” Michael Fullan:

Episode 97: The Deliverologist

We are delighted tonight to be joined by friend of the podcast, Bill Boyd.  Bill talks about one of his great passions in teaching – the use of film and films as texts.

Bill Boyd – The Literacy Adviser Blog

Bill recommends: “The Life and Death of Secondary for All” by Richard Pring

There’s some ranting tonight as the education stazi seem to think a new set of league tables is going to bully us all into improving;  perceptive comments by Simon Jenkins to be found in the Guardian.

Simon Jenkins: “This bid to force all schools into line will end in failure. The craving for uniformity in public services has become a frenzy, but Michael Gove cannot run every classroom”

Ofsted boss says access to good education depends on where you live.  Peter Walker writes in the Guardian

Also:  School hires proof reader to catch teachers’ spelling errors

UK education sixth in global ranking and

Some film education websites

News: 100th Episode recording

We are excited to confirm that Inside Learning Podcast is recording its 100th episode live with a panel question session in Glasgow at the SQA on the 18th of January at 6.45pm. We would love to see you there. Steve Rogers is even coming from Nottingham for it! If you would like to join us, then please log into our wiki to confirm. We really need to plan the numbers. If you can’t get the wiki to work then email me at

We are really Grateful to Joe Wilson and the Scottish Qualification Authority for letting us record in their building at the Optima in Glasgow at 58 Robertson Street Glasgow.

Image under CC by Thanks!

Episode 96: Rebel, Rebel (the CBI loves you so)

Tonight we are joined by friend of the podcast, Jaye Richards Hill, who is currently working on the ICT in Education Excellence working group.  Although the content is currently embargoed, Jaye gives us a fascinating insight to the nature of the debate on the future of the Scottish Intranet.  A public report will be published shortly.

Jaye’s bog can located at:

Other news stories:

Welsh education: WLGA warns shake-up ‘undemocratic’

‘Spypen gate’:  MSPs call for inquiry as Stow College chairman Kirk Ramsay resigns

CBI calls for overhaul of school system to improve results, and supports the rebel teacher!

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