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Episode 155: Schleicher liker

image15Matthew, Gillian and Steve chat about education news as nerves are jangling and we all think: bring on tomorrow!

Amongst the chat we get round to stories about:

“Teachers face shambles over school places” Andrew Denholm, Education Correspondent, The Herald, link here

“Longer school days will help learning crisis in white working class children, DfE says” Independent story, link here

Commons Education Select Committee report  link here

What makes a global top 10 university? By Sean Coughlan, BBC, link here

Episode 154: More Bragg then Elgar

We end tonight’s programme musing about the implications of the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum for education, and thinking back to Mike Russell’s guest appearance on this podcast.

Before that we discuss the following education news:

“Bigger classes for budget efficiency” article by Sean Coughlan, BBC News Education Correspondent, link  Based on a report commissioned by GEMS eduction consultancy link here

OECD annual “Education at a Glance” report link here  “UK shifts to graduate economy, but worry over skills gap” by Sean Coughlan, link here

Have we been here before, have we learnt nothing?:  “Wanted: 100 heads for England’s most challenging schools”, by Judith Burns, BBC Link here

We speculate, not always with great insight but with interest, on what lies behind this poll (surely not an academic’s musical tastes?): “Scotland’s academics leaning towards no vote, survey reveals” link here

Episode 153: Out the magic door

thGillian, Steve, and Matthew enjoy a discussion of selected education news, and a question about educational leadership that has rant inducing potential.

Inspired by Matthew, young people at Gillian’s school have started a podcast, the bug is spreading! Check out the Good Morning Ninjas here


What’s in your handbag? Who knows, who cares, but apparently young people are starting to carry a serious amount of tech gear with them:  “Average child’s school bag contains gadgets worth more than £100″  Herald Story

Does your seven year old know about magic doors?! We discuss sex education proposals: “Sex education should start at seven, Lib Dems say”, BBC Story

The thorny issue of setting scratches the ranting nerves: Morgan denies compulsory ability group plan for schools,  BBC story By Sean Coughlan


Episode 152: Highlighting the need for cheese on toast

thMatthew and I are delighted to be back podcasting after the summer break; although we will now be going Goveless, the Goves are off as we ruminate on recent events in England, such as his impact and events surrounding the so-called Trojan Horse affair.

The conversation resonates with a Scottish story about the exam system and teacher workloads:  “Exam bosses urged to reduce tests in schools” Herald Story

We talk about the pros and cons of Moocs and where all this might lead.  “Moocs, and the man leading the UK’s charge”, Peter Wilby, here

An old, but relevant, story: “Online students can’t help being sociable”, By Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent, here

Matthew invokes the old cheese and toast memories as he highlights the uselessness of highlighters: “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology” Links to article here,  additional info here, and something about advanced organisers, here

A quick thought about teacher wellbeing: “Teacher wellbeing: how to mentally prepare for a new school year”:  The stress of school life might seem like a distant memory but with a new term approaching psychologist Gail Kinman offers her advice on how to prepare for the melee” Guardian story

Episode 151: Creak a bit for me ….

4446328_1_lSteve returns tonight given it’s  World Cup rest day, but especially as he was missing the cast and wanted to sign off for the summer break in the company of Matthew and ‘regular’ presenter of late, Gillian Campbell-Thow.  Anne and Gillian produced a really good ‘vibe’ on last week’s show, so hopefully we can maintain the standards they set as we discuss various news items and recommend some holiday reading (not an ‘education’ book amongst them).  This podcast carries a rant warning, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously despite sounding as if we do!  Anyway, life goes all pink on us.

Pasi Sahlberg on the GERM infecting education systems.  Links to live presentations here and here and website here

“The rewards of a great personality”, Falkirk schools introduce psychometric testing for pupils in the TESS.

Reimagine society and the life lessons school should teach you.  Matthew shows how hip he is by knowing who Lauren Laverne is, Steve is still none the wiser.

Bill Gates: Eradicating polio easier than fixing U.S. education system.

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