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Episode 152: Highlighting the need for cheese on toast

Matthew and I are delighted to be back podcasting after the summer break; although we will now be going Goveless, the Goves are off as we ruminate on recent events in England, such as his impact and events surrounding the so-called Trojan Horse affair. The conversation resonates with a Scottish story about the exam system […]

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Episode 137: It Should Have been messier!

Tonight Bill and Steve steer the podcast through the slalom of bad punning, into a couple of news items before discussing some of the issues raised by the Real David Cameron (Podcast tart) in last week’s episode: namely, the challenges of assessment in relation to Curriculum for Excellence. This is not simply a Scottish story, […]

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Episode 136: Voices from the choir

Addicted as we are to well informed and influential guests, tonight we are delighted to welcome back on to the podcast, the Real David Cameron.  Matthew introduces us to a story about gaming and the curriculum, and before we know it our conversation takes in the purposes of education, the curriculum, and assessment.  Matthew, despite […]

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Episode 105: The Alchemy of Assessment

Tonight, we are delighted to be joined by Joe Wilson, Head of New Ventures at the Scottish Qualifications Authority.  A title our muckraker general, Matthew, described as windswept. Joe talks to us about issues around assessment and the Curriculum for Excellence. The flexibility evident in some of the colleges and various forms of […]

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Episode 84: “Gotta have faith?” ?!

If Gove corrects our work for his new “Ow levels” it should of course read “Got to have faith” – or do you?  Can we live and let live? Anne Glennie sets a wild discussion going with her defence of faith schools.  We only scratched the surface of this complex issue so would like to […]

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