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Tonight Steve loses the insidelearning jingle and plays you in with something celestial.  Bill and Steve focus on a new report written by Professor Brian Boyd on behalf of the Jimmy Reid foundation. While the focus is on Scottish education and its future direction, the report and ensuing conversations have universal import and significance for […]

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Remember Inspections?

Is this a question we will ever be able to ask?  Professor Brian Boyd asks why we need inspections and points to a lack of research evidence for their efficacy. Also, in the news… The Melrose school whose parents are trying to pay for a teacher. Are we inherently good or bad at subjects […]

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Episode 14: News “horse’s head”

We welcome listeners back to our first podcast of 2011; we’re on fire tonight as Matthew brings the hot topics in at around the 30 minute mark.  A pacy, relaxed programme that discusses: “Go West Young Man!” Secretary of State Michael Gove looks to Alberta, Canada, for more free market fuel, but is he being […]

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Resilience and Confidence in Learning

This week, I was fortunate to attend the Tapestry Partnership’s masterclass on resilience and confidence in learning.  In this fascinating and engaging class, Professor Brian Boyd highlighted ten principles for establishing a learning classroom.  Creating a learning classroom helps young people develop skills and strategies for learning in new contexts and promotes deep learning as […]

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