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Episode 160: Brass and Mahogany

Matthew and Steve are back on the education news trail tonight, and excited by the scientific achievements of landing a bunch of experiments on a far distant comet.  However, we start with some historical reflection: “The anarchic experimental schools of the 1970s”, By Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine. Link here See also this blog […]

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Episode 141: The Geography of French

We were very sad to hear about the death of Bev Evans, educationalist, artist and campaigner for special education, from South Wales, who guested on a few of our podcasts. A wonderful person who will be sorely missed.  Our condolences to family and friends. Matthew and Steve pick up some themes from last week sparked […]

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Socks Appeal

Matthew showing the creativity that is keeping Inside Learning at the forefront of British Educational podcasting. Mic by Rode. Windshield by Asda male hosiery department! He will remember to collect a proper windshield for the next fabulous show… Meanwhile the ‘cast starts with Steve collecting the various stories showing the “apple” of Mr Gove’s educational […]

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Episode 120: An agenda of the superlatives

Well we are back after our longest summer break ever! Matthew has started a new job in a new area of Scotland and as a result has been separated from his beloved bandwidth due to temporary midweek digs. Matthew is now using a wireless broadband card and tonight was our first experiment with it. The […]

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