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Episode 154: More Bragg then Elgar

We end tonight’s programme musing about the implications of the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum for education, and thinking back to Mike Russell’s guest appearance on this podcast. Before that we discuss the following education news: “Bigger classes for budget efficiency” article by Sean Coughlan, BBC News Education Correspondent, link  Based on a report commissioned by […]

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Episode 139: You Hansard Devil !

Spot the insidelearning dinghy! Last week’s excellent podcast gave us cause for some self-reflection, before we start tonight’s conversation ‘riffing’ on the theme of  good teachers coming into the system, and their career trajectories and the support required.  Matthew gets the chance to roll his tongue around the name of the OECD chief, but is […]

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Episode 120: An agenda of the superlatives

Well we are back after our longest summer break ever! Matthew has started a new job in a new area of Scotland and as a result has been separated from his beloved bandwidth due to temporary midweek digs. Matthew is now using a wireless broadband card and tonight was our first experiment with it. The […]

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Episode 103: Two things strike me…

Unfortunately Jay could not be with us tonight, which means Matthew and Steve get to ramble a bit more and start to imagine how we might reconfigure education for a more equitable system.  Probably beyond our capacity to think clearly but you have got to start somewhere.  Matthew, in the de Bono tradition, lobs Steve […]

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