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Episode 61 – Exodus – Movement of Jah Leaders

Michael Rosen’s open letter to Mr G. -worth a read: “Headteachers fear exodus after inspector’s attack” Story by Richard Garner in The Independent The Scotsman 7th Feb 2012 “Bullying claims Rock Scots Schools Watchdog” Hurrah for Princes Charles as he tells headteachers to teach the ‘whole person’, not just the academic side – […]

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Episode 37 Gove on the game

Super Gove or Super Mario? Some plaudits for Gove this week, although hang on we can’t go overboard, as he sees a computer game for maths and praises its potential, while game developers roll their eyes at his missing the bigger picture: Institute of Education research on what it takes for disadvantaged children to […]

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Episode 35 Fool! Britannia!

Image from Oast House Archive In the week Gove gets his Newton and his laws of thermodynamics mixed up, an exam board produces an unanswerable physics A-level question.  Not the first exam cock-up of the season.  Does this have anything to do with privatised exam boards competing for business? The exam system lights Matthew’s […]

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WELLBEING (WELL-BEING?)  RESILIENCE AND CAPABILITY In Episode 28, Jay and I talked about wellbeing and I promised to blog with some research references.  So here you go- this is especially for all those North of the Border who doubted my blogging prowess! (I’ll test them on it later so that they can challenge their new […]

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